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Build IT by girls is a competition for all those who have registered to attend the I Wish event in Cork or Dublin in Feb. 2017.   There will be a dedicated Entrepreneur Zone where visitors can meet and interact with Entrepreneurs who are currently in the process of setting up a new business and learn from their experiences.

In addition entrants to the Build IT by girls competition will be asked to make a pitch on an idea for a new product or service to our Entrepreneurs at the I Wish event.



Judges will allocate marks for your written submission, which must be submitted before the I Wish event in January.

We want to hear about your great STEM business idea and how you could potentially BUILD IT to be Irelands next big success story ! This can be based on an existing business that you have set up and want to grow, or simply the seed of an idea floating in your mind and you want to give it wings.

Send us your written submission (or PowerPoint) , in no more than 500 words, summarising your idea, your vision, why it is important, your target market, how will you fund it, your marketing plan, price structure and projected profit. We can’t wait to read about it!



This competition is open to all schools who have registered for the I Wish event and will be part of the program of events on the day.

The Entrepreneur Zone will be situated in the main exhibition hall on the day and we will have entrepreneurs who will judge the competition.



Here is the exciting bit. At the I Wish showcase event in February you get to tell us about your great idea!

On the day you will have the opportunity to present your idea live to our brilliant panel of judges in our exclusive entrepreneur zone. Judges will allocate marks for how well you articulate your idea and vision.

A 3 to 5 minute summary of your written submission is ideal. Speak from the heart, show us your creativity and have fun !



Here is the best bit. Winners will receive a pretty exciting piece of innovative technology and an internship with the technology giant Dell to truly set you off on your STEM entrepreneurial path.

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